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Australian – Manager

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Jodie Dunstan

For over 7 years, Jodie Morgan expertly steered her two children on their acting journey – both having had success in film and television roles, having high profile US representation, and are auditioning regularly, under Jodie’s direction. Today, she is proud to be at the helm of Diversity Creative Management as it embarks on this exciting new beginning. Jodie guides naturally talented, committed and hard-working actors to achieve their career goals. She takes pride in her research skills with up and coming projects, scouring local libraries and book stores for the original source material, and ensuring clients have as much information as possible, to put their best foot forward in auditions. With a keen eye for the perfect headshot – she’s happy to advise and prep her clients, as well as meticulously choosing the winning shots. Her passion for the arts has returned to her after years working in business and education, all the while raising her four beautiful children, and now devotes time to writing both a novel and a screenplay. Jodie has a bachelors degree in business and a masters degree in teaching.

United States – Manager

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Liz Meinders

Liz Meinders is an actor/producer based in L.A and one of the most all rounded professionals on the team at Diversity Creative Management. As a working actor, she found herself more enthusiastic in connecting talented individuals to make their passion projects come to life. Developing and connecting unknown talent to producers, directors & casting directors has been a driving force for her in Los Angeles. With a wealth of knowledge across multiple platforms, she has worked as a producer for a number of years and as a direct result contributed to various shorts, features, & web series (several upcoming on the festival circuit) & looks forward to bringing forward more original talent for audiences to discover.

PR & Public Relations Manager – Australia & US

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Sarah Findlay

As a Media Relations Specialist, Sarah always gets results. She is a creative thinker and therefore creates unique opportunities for her clients and can solve problems. She doesn’t accept “no” easily and therefore finds new ways for exposure. She is proactive in her approach and an expert in the field with 15-years experience across three countries (Australia, U.S and Singapore). She has diverse experience and this enables her to have a unique perspective and to see things other people often overlook.Sarah worked with some of the biggest brands in Australia, from prestige car maker Porsche to the global sports brand Under Armour and many other brands in between. She has over 15-years’ media relations experience working with a range of clients from NFL, PGA, feature films, documentaries, NASCAR, charities, red carpets and award shows in the U.S. Additionally, she has worked with a variety of brands in Australia with the tech space, maternity/baby industry (*and Singapore), events, golf industry, celebrity publicity, and management. Sarah is a true adventurer at heart and loves anything outdoors. You’ll often find her surfing, hiking, in aerial yoga poses, or rock climbing. She hiked the Himalayas in Nepal and volunteered to help the elephants in the jungle in Thailand at the beginning of 2017. She also plans to get her helicopter pilot’s license in the near future.

Business & Career Coach – Australia & US

+1 347 827 6145

Jessica Orcsik

Jessica Orcsik’s professional career began at age 4 on TV show Richmond Hill. Since then has worked as an actress and performer on various TV & Film Productions, Theatre & Stage Productions, Music Videos and more. With experience in public speaking, mentoring and hosting events across the USA and Australia , Jessica successfully launched her podcast ArtArtistBiz, which is to be turned into an online talk show/podcast for later in 2023. Jessica has produced dance expos, workshops, shows and nation wide events and competitions that support inclusion & diversity within the performing arts. As a CEO, Director and Entrepreneur, The American Arts Film & Television Academy (AAFTA) continues to be a trailblazer and curator in vocational arts education in Los Angeles. With her entrepreneurial skills and dedication to help provide better education practises, positive mental health and creative opportunities for performing artists and filmmakers working in Film, Television & Theatre. In 2022, Jessica produced Australian Play “Dead Skin” which won Hollywood Fringe ENCORE PRODUCERS AWARD and was nominated for Best International Play and Best Drama. The play is set to continue for an OFF-BROADWAY production in 2023. With several more feature films, plays and limited series in development for 2023/2024 including SPIRAL, DEAD SKIN, REVERIE and ALPHABETAS.