Mission Statement

Based in Los Angeles, Diversity Creative Management (DCM) is a full-service creative and talent management company that mentors and assists innovative, diverse talent in developing, creating and working across multiple platforms and disciplines including Acting, Directing, Writing, Production, Make-Up/Hair and Costume Design;

Alongside Diversity Entertainment, we strive to provide our talent with the tools to navigate the entertainment industry. Connecting our artists with affiliated directors, producers, production companies, advertisers, brands, and other media outlets working in film, television and the performing arts.

Together, we are a team of conceptual thinkers, compelling storytellers, visionaries and practical strategists. 

We offer Personal Attention, Communication, Talent Development, Short term & Long term Career Goals, Entrepreneurial mindsets and Creative Project Development.

“The future for creatives and artists has never been so exciting. DCM aren’t just developing talent, rather they are developing brands and careers”

Jessica Orcsik, CEO, Diversity Entertainment, LLC
Career & Business Mentor for DCM Clients